Im in Philly. Been in NY for 10 days for vacation but we also needed some rehersal, so that we sang for a couple of friends. It was a good practis before the real thing in Philly. We were at a roof top in east village, and they thought we were so good that they wanted to bring us to a park to sing for money, to be street musician. we did! That was for the first time. hahaha, it was a lot of fun, but we didnt make that much money.


But now, Philly. We have had 2 workshops already. Its great to meet all the people. They are are nice to us, and so happy that we are here. They are happy to learn about vocal techinique and Im doing my best to teach them as much as I can at this little time we have. There is still alot to do, but it is a very good start. Today they sang a swedish song, and they actually did it very good. I was impressed!


We've been invited to two churches for a fellowship dinner, and tomorrow we are going for breakfast at someones house. Pastor Paul is draging us around showing us off, hahaha! But it's alot of fun and It is really great to meet people, and learn from eachother. We have great discussions with the Scott family, and learn from eachothers very different cultures.


We have a lot to do every day, but it is alot of fun. we have one workshop left, then the conserts start. We are singing two times at the festival and one time in a church on saturday. also in a church on sunday and at the closing consert for the festival with both our group and with the workshop choir. So, still alot of things ahead...




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