The last days in Philly

I'm home.


After 3 great but exhausting weeks in the states. I don't know if 10 days of touristing and walking non stop is a very good idea to do before a big job were you have to be on top. We were all soooo tired before we even got there. But everything worked out great! 


We had our workshops, met a lot of great people, who were all very eager to learn. At saturday we had an outdoor festival in a park. a lot of different groups came and sang, played, talked, provided water... it was awesome! There were a lot of different people there, and I also got to meet some of them that I met last year when I was here. Pastor Paul was very pleased, ´cause a lot of people came, and we all got to make good connections that will help make the Ruha Gospel Festival even bigger next year. 


We had to leave the festival for a while to go and sing at a church. Thats how it's been the whole time. We got dragged around to sing here and there, and we never knew where we were or where we were going. But it was fun! people seemed to really like what we did, and they seemed to think that our way of singing was something different. 


The whole thing ended with a closing concert. our group sang, other groups sang and most important of all, the WORKSHOP CHOIR sang! it was truly a great moment. And when we did the last swedish selection....MAN! tears fell, people were touch, something happened. And I can not BELIVE how good they are. They sounded perfect. And really used all the technique I've been trying to teach them through the week. After that, the goodbyes... :0(


I miss you all very much, and I'm so grateful for this opportunity to go to Philly and meet you all. You have a special place in my heart now and forever. 


Hope to see you all next year.


Be blessed.




vocal techique
Pastor Paul Scott in all his glory
A men's choir at the closing concert

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