Summer is over...

I'm back in Sweden. This summer went by in a heart beat. I'm soooooo tired, but filled with wonderful experiences and new friends in my heart.


The camp at Toral turned out to be the most wonderful thing. It's such a wonderful yet weird feeling that I always get when I go to spain, and we (my husband and I) always ask our self the same question: What are we doing in Sweden? There is so much to do there in so many ways. Just thinking about how many african-american vocal coaches there is in sweden (many), and in Spain there is NONE(!) really makes me questioning my choice of country. Well, well. We'll see what happens...Only God knows.


The closing concert of the camp was wonderful. We were at this cool place, sort of an amphitheater outdoors, with this huge, very old castle in the background. It was warm and a lot of people showed up. Everyone did sooo great, and I was sooooooo proud of all of them to be able to do all this in a week! It is just a blessing to be a part of it. I LOVE U ALL!


But, things end, and we had to go home. And not soon after that we had the pre-releaseconsert with Joybells at the big festival, Frizon. I was a little bit nervous,'cause u never know how the choir will sound, feel, be after a long summer vacation + some of the songs we haven't sung since the recording and it is a big difference singing them live. But, it was great, a lot of fun and people liked it. GREAT! Now we are prepared for the big release concert. Hope to see you there!


to sum it all up: GREAT SUMMER! And now I'm looking forward to the fall...u never know what you're gonna get...

The closing concert

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