I really enjoyed working with Anna! She has wonderful energy and her talent is limitless.
-Maurice Fears, Chicago USA, Gospel Choir Director, Songwriter, Producer

Hon är en oerhört inspirerande person, med självförtroende och ödjmukhet som framträdande egenskaper. Hon delar med sig av sina erfarenheter vilket är fantastiskt då hon är mycket klok och har varit med om mycket.  -Karin Hägg, körledare och sångerska


Anna is a director based in Stockholm, Sweden. She works with choirs of all kinds but her specialty is helping European choirs and voices to find a non-classical sound in a way that helps European singers and choirs sing contemporary American songs without damaging their voices. Gospel music is her biggest passion.

Anna started her first gospel choir, Hope, in high school and has since then continued as a choir director for several projects and choirs. In 2004 she ended up in Örebro and became the director of the world-famous gospel choir Joybells. She stayed there for 6 years. During her time with Joybells they did many tours all over Europe and sang with big artists. She ended her time with them by being the production manager for their latest album -
At Your Service.


Anna now lives Stockholm, where she directs Stockholm East Gospel Choir , Rainbow gospel and Stockholm Gospel Crew. She is also the manager and director of the group InCommon .


Anna has lived and worked in Brooklyn, New York to meet singers, coaches, musicians, and others, for her research into European and American music and comparative ways of singing, looking at how our ways of speaking affect how we sing.

Anna travels regularly to the United States and Spain in her profession as a choir director, coach, and motivator for gospel singers and choir directors. She is passionate about the music being a tool to discover new things about ones’ self and to develop as a person.