Rainbow Gospel was founded at the Rainbow Mass in Gustav Vasa Church in 2001. After a few years the choir became an independent non-profit organization under the musical direction of Anna Wiborg and Ida Hammarbacken.

What we are
The choir serves as musical and social platform to the church and other contexts act across borders between lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and heterosexual .

Being in the music, together across boundaries of age, gender and sexual orientation, to promote greater transparency and understanding of the fruitful and pleasant in differences, is one of our missions. The second is of course to spread the joy, hope and strength with our singing.

What we do
We sing at concerts only us and also together with other choirs. We participat in church services, weddings, in television shows, recordings and more.

The Pride festival
Every summer, we participate in the Stockholm Pride festival with a gospel workshop at the Pride House, a separate section in the Pride Parade, and are involved with the Women's Choir Sapphonia and the gay choir in Love's Mass in the Cathedral.

We rehears on Thursdays at 18.30 - 21.00 in St. Paul 's Church at the Maria Square, Stockholm, Sweden.

For more info visit our website www.rainbowgospel.se