My name is Anna Wiborg, I am a vocal entrepreneur based in Stockholm. I am a cheerful girl that loves to have new projects around the corner. I just moved back to Stockholm, Sweden after living in New York for some time to learn more about the music created over there. I’ve met with musicians, directors, and vocal teachers of the stars to hear their story and learn from them. 

What I do
I give classes, workshops and seminars in Sweden and internationally. I am a vocal consultant for many national and international companies in Sweden. I am doing a podcast about singing, voice and communication together with communications consultant and speech coach Klara Härgestam. I am a professional singer performing at all kinds of venues such as weddings, funerals, in churches etc. I do recording sessions and I have been seen as a singer and director on various TV shows in Scandinavia. Together with my group Sthlm Soul Sisters I sing and tour with swedens most famous artist. I have been the director of Joybells, Sweden´s first and most famous gospel choir for 6 years and I am currently the director of Sthlm East gospel choir and Sthlm Gospel Crew.

Studies and companies
I am the founder of Anna Wiborg Vocals. I have a master’s degree in education and a bachelor degree in music education from the Örebro University in Sweden. I am also the founder of Studio19Sthlm, an art collective in the city of Stockholm. 

My experience
Although I am a Swedish girl, gospel music has become my heart and soul. Gospel is the most vocally demanding of the non-classical music genres. And it is through teaching European choirs and singers to sing gospel that I’ve learned to hear the phonetic differences between the European and American language and dialects, how the way we talk affects our sound when we sing, and how we can use different techniques to reproduce each other’s singing sounds.

I travel around Europe with my unique knowledge of the technique for singing gospel as a European. I am doing a wider and broader research on the topic. In that research I meet with singers, vocal coaches / teachers, and directors all over Europe and USA.

An encourager
In everything I see myself as more of an encourager than a teacher and director. I want to encourage people to dare to explore their voices by stepping out of their comfort zone. I have many ideas about how to work with a singer or a choir. Singing can be fellowship, creativity, freedom, therapy and so much more. 

Because of my choice of education and the assignments I’ve had in interpretation, acting, rhythm, and such, I’ve learned to use many different expressions of creativity in my teaching. This variety I find very useful. Through this I’ve noticed that people find ways to find themselves and experience things about themselves they never knew they had. I want people to get experiences in life that create a sense of security, curiosity, and the will to dare to do things they never thought were possible. 

I love my job!


Sandra Von Fielitz

Sandra helps you with bookings and answers all your questions about the services we offer at Anna Wiborg Vocals


Moa Segerfeldt
Vocal Coach

Moa has a lot of experience in the music industry as a singer and is part of the vocal coaching team. Moa has studied vocals with Anna.


Anna Olin
Vocal Coach, Choir director

Anna has experience of Gospel choir directing. She is part of the vocal coaching team and has studied vocals with Anna.


Helena Widenlou

Helena is a social scientist and manages the projects and strategic planning.

Sofie Hellberg
Vocal Coach, Speech therapy

Sofie is a legitimate speech therapist, works as a speech therapist and is part of the vocal coahcing team. Sofie has studied vocals with Anna.


Selma Fogelberg
Vocal Coach

Selma is studying music science and communication and is part of the vocal coaching team. She has studied vocals with Anna.