Anna spread a special feeling once you come across her that not everybody can achieve. Anything she is in charge of, is under control. I love her amazing skills regarding gospel style. 
- Juan Marcos Sánchez Rodrigo, Madrid Spain, Ibiza Gospel & Groove news conductor and founder.


Anna helps you as a singer before a certain project for example during a recording, before an audition or a concert. 

She helps you with what you need in terms of performance, interpretation, technique etc. 


Four workshops for the curious singer. These four workshops summons Annas philosophy and way of teaching. 

You will get a new view on singing and yourself as a singer. You will learn basic techniques but also learn how to use your whole voice and more. 


In a loving atmosphere you get to practice singing in front of a group.

You get to learn from others, practice singing harmonies, talk about and listen to vocalists, improvise etc.