Contemporary conducting

Contemporary conducting means to conduct/direct a choir that sings songs within the contemporary genres.


Contemporary conducting is something that I find missing in the higher educations of music.


After working with choir in many different ways for fifteen years I have noticed that the traditional way of conducting and it's studying doesn't stand among the youth today and their musical interests.


Contemporary conducting is not only how you move your arms in front of a choir, it's also about all the assignments you have as a leader of the choir. Such as: vocal warm up within genre, song choices, genre- and sound knowledge, vocal figuration, arrangement, teaching, technique within genre etc. Off course we also learn how to move our arms.


My experience in this field says that this is something that music teachers of all kind should know how to do.





If you already have or are going to start up a choir in some or several of the contemporary genres.


I work as your mentor in everything you do with your choir. By request I even visit you and your choir to see how you work and give you tips and ideas how you can develop.



In group

If you don't have a choir but still wants to learn more about being a contemporary conductor.


We work with each other as the choir. Through the course you get assignments of different kind that will develop you as a contemporary conductor.