Anna always manage to help you achive so much more than the musical evolvement. After a class with Anna you know your self better and you feel better. - Klara Mattison, student. 

Breath & Warm up

"A thorough review of vocal techniques"

A one hour workshop where you learn the basics for a good vocal technique and right breathing for a relaxed voice. This workshop could be the most important thing you do for your singing voice, weather you are a beginner or advanced singer. To understand and be able to control your breathing is essential to good singing technique regardless of genre.

You will also learn the importance of warming up your body and voice, and knowledge about how to warm up depending on what genre you sing.

1. Body
2. Voice
3. Sound

You and your four voices

Find your 4 voices and your full voice capacity

A one hour workshop that will help you understand that you have more voices and sounds in your toolbox than you think. In this workshop you will learn how to find these voices and how to use them in different genres but also different pitch.

1. Deep voice
2. Speaking voice
3. Belt voice
4. Head voice

Take the step

7 steps to an African-American sound

A two hour workshop where you will be guided through out the jungle of techniques. In 7 steps you will have an understanding for the difference between European and American dialects. This understanding is the foundation for the right technique on how to sing all African-American genres (pop, rock, jazz, soul, gospel, blues m.m.).

1. Placement of vowels
2. Body and Booty 
3. Horizontal singing
4. Lip articulation
5. Consonants 
6. Diphthongs 
7. Direction


Anna help you as a singer before a certain project for example during a recording, before an audition or a concert. 

She helps you with what you need in terms of performance, interpretation, technique etc.


Four workshops for the curious singer. These four workshops summons Annas philosophy and way of teaching. 

You will get a new view on singing and yourself as a singer. You will learn basic techniques but also learn how to use your whole voice and more. 


In a loving atmosphere you get to practice singing in front of a group.

You get to learn from others, practice singing harmonies, talk about and listen to vocalists, improvise etc.