Working with Anna was one of those experiences I will never forget. She is creative and open to new ideas, very, very engaging and she is a true friend.    - Amos Obasa, Artist. 

General info

Your coaching is based on your needs, wishes and from them you set a goal for the classes together with Anna.

Each class is 45 minutes. Do you want a shorter or longer class it can be arranged.

You can book Anna as a group, choir or band.
Cocaing in group is often somewhat preferred. You learn a lot by seeing how others learn. It's fun to experience an evolvement with a good friend or new acquaintance.

Anna runs her business from Stockholm, Sweden, but she is available anywhere in the world if that´s where you need her. 


Anna work with you before or during a project. For example in a recording session, before an audition or concert and help/coach you with what you need. It can be vocally, interpretation, technique etc.

You work with vocal technique, warm ups, sound, how to take care of your voice, how to find a free and relaxed note etc.


Anna work with you as a speaker or just a general talker. Maybe you give lectures in front of hundreds or you talk at your weekly meetings with your coworkers trying to get them to listen. In any way your voice is the centre. You will learn how to use your voice depending on the situation. 

You work with vocal technique, warm ups, how to take care of your voice, how to find a free and relaxed note etc.  


Anna help you as a singer before a certain project for example during a recording, before an audition or a concert. 

Anna helps you with what you need in terms of performance, interpretation, technique etc. 


Four workshops for the curious singer. These four workshops summons Annas philosophy and way of teaching. 

You will get a new view on singing and yourself as a singer. You will learn basic techniques but also learn how to use your whole voice and more. 


In a loving atmosphere you get to practice at singing in front of a group.

You get to learn from others, practice singing harmonies, talk about and listen to vocalists, improvise etc.